We provide curbside residential and small business solid waste collection services, operating in the unincorporated areas of North Mobile County, Alabama (Axis, Chunchula, Turnerville, Citronelle, Saraland, etc). Our company has been providing reliable, reasonably priced service since 2010 to families and neighborhoods in your area. Our prices below include twice a week service.

Call 251-675-5128 to see if we service your area.


Residential (Twice a week pick up)     

Basic and Deluxe Service

Business (Twice a week pick up)

Basic and Deluxe Service

In some areas we provide only once a week collection.                       


Residential Basic Service$22.00 per month, per household,

                                             **customer provides trash container.  

             Deluxe Service:  $26.00 per month, per household,

                                  *we provide a 64 gal container. 

   64 gal container is more than adequate for our twice a week service. 

**  Customer can provide 2 small trash containers (average 64 gallons).

*** We will service more containers at additional cost. 

Business Basic Service:      $ 35.00 per month, per business,

                                              **customer provides container.

            Deluxe Service:       $40.00 per month, per business,

                                              *we provides trash container.  

In order to provide affordable rates, we can only service one household at the rates provided.

No contracts or hidden fees!

Please place your container at curbside the night before to ensure pick-up.

Collection times may vary due to unforeseen circumstances.

We do not collect yard debris, hazardous materials or medical waste.

Please donate clothing items to your local charities.

If moving, please call to stop service.

Our Services

​Please donate all your non perishable and clothing items to your local charities.
Please RECYCLE your plastic and paper products.





S&S Sanitation, Inc.


Please dispose of medical waste and hazardous materials properly.

​Thank you for supporting your local businesses.

Go Green

Try to place all trash in bags to avoid littering.

S&S Sanitation, Inc.: 251-675-5128

Thank you for supporting your local businesses.

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